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5 great motivational video speeches to jump-start your day

Business is often like a marathon that you have to run at a sprint pace. Once in a while, you get those moments when you feel squeezed out of your energy. In such moments I love to take a shoot of motivation reading or listening to great & inspiring speeches. That kind of speeches that even when you are down, have the power to get you out of your chair ready to change the world again. Here are a selection of videos that I often like to watch in such moments.

1) Al Pacino Speech in Any Given Sunday: Inch by inch, play by play

2) Steve Jobs about success

3) Eric Thomas, known as the “Hip hop Preacher” the author of the book “Secret to success”. Whether you like him or not, he’s a great motivational speaker with an impressive story.

4) Another great video from Eric Thomas “How many moves ahead are you ?”

5) Boiler Room about ABC – Always Be Closing

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