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Alexcious : Discover the Beauty of Japan

Being a Japan Enthusiast, during my frequent trips to Japan, I always tend to think that Japan has many great stuff that deserve much attention from the rest of the world. If you ever come to Japan, you will understand what I mean. Of course, we all have in mind the cool innovations that only Japanese imagination can produce : The beta gel, incredible toilets, awesome robots, sugar powered batteries, a segway killer or surprising wind turbines.

But there’s more, Japan is also a country with a great history and culture. In order to spread the Japanese culture and make it more accessible worldwide, an incredible team of seasoned entrepreneurs took the challenge to create Alexcious, an online discovery & shopping platform for various Japanese goods.  Several Japanese creators & brands are featured. It reminds me of or A sleek design, lovely UX, great products and well integrated with social media. Add beautiful and authentic Japanese products and you get Alexcious!

I recently had the opportunity to meet the founding team in their office in Tokyo to hear more about their vision and exchange a few ideas. This startup is definitely on something big and can’t wait to see more and more great Japanese products on their website.

The team has also developed Countdown-X, a crowdfunding platform to connect aspiring Japanese challengers with supporters from all over the world. The projects are related to business, art, culture, or technology. As of today, there are still few projects but expect great projects in the near future.


Sharing thoughts with Koichiro Tsujino, President and CEO of ALEX
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