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Why I finally opened a blog

As someone who loves reading great blogs, it’s been a long time I have been thinking about blogging myself. However, I never took the time to do it as I usually considered blogging unproductive and as a result, a waste of time. Besides, I always thought that I couldn’t do better than most of the blogs I read, so I just gave up.

A few days ago, I met with a blogger in Tokyo who convinced me to open a blog to share my experiences. It is true that I’ve had my fair share of failures (and some successes) since I opened my first startup at the age of 16.

This blogger also told me one thing that struck me : Only very few people are natural great bloggers, most people actually become great bloggers by blogging over and over. While it may sound obvious as 1+1=2, it is only at that the time he told me that I actually realized it. I think I was just afraid to suck, anyway, today I decided to overcome my fear. I will then use this blog to share my failures & successes and hopefully you enjoy it. I wish you a good read!

As a prelude for this blog, I would like to use one of my favorite advertising, enjoy !