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6 ways to a better life even if you are super busy

happinessI am convinced that a healthy body seriously impacts positively your thinking. It is proven that sport makes you not only a happier, but also a smarter person and a better learner.

You can read a lot on the Internet on this topic, but here are 6 tips that (really) work for me:

1) Manage your body as you would manage your employees

When I started my two first businesses, I often thought that sport was simply a waste of time and a luxury that I couldn’t afford given my schedule. Every time I would go to the gym or running, I would feel guilty for not spending this time at work. It was not long before I lost my voice due to gastric acid burning my vocal cords, apparently due to a high level of stress. My voice was extinct for 3 months… until I change this habit and go for running after work everyday.

After that, I changed my way of thinking: I would consider my body as an employee. Sure, I could ask it to work hard at times, but the deal would be 1) to reward it 2) give it some rest. The reward was exercising, running, swimming, whatever would make my body work and sweat. The rest was essentially having the right amount of sleep when needed.

If you would ask an employee to work hard all the time, never rewarding him nor letting him rest, your employee would surely quit sooner or later. So does your body, when it can’t be heard, it will force you to stop with other means. Never listening to your body is an attitude that can cost you your health. Since then, after a long period of hard work, I always give myself time to recover before the next dash.

2) Spend more than you collect

With calories, you should apply the opposite principle than with money: You should always spend more than you get. The math is simple, if you eat more calories than you spend, you get fat. If you spend more calories than you eat/drink you slim down, on the long term at least.

Quite a simple idea, but it’s amazing how many people don’t get this simple concept. They spend tons of money on expensive diet programs, nutritional supplements which sell you the idea that you can get a great body with no effort.

wakeup3) Wake up early

By waking up early, you allow yourself a moment where you can review, plan and organize your day without being distracted by emails, text messages, Skype, phone, etc.

It is the moment I like to use to think about what are my objectives for the day and what I should get done by the end of the day. When the day is over, you can check all the objectives you set in the morning, this gives you the feeling that your work day is “done”.

4) Eat right

There are several habits to avoid such as eating too sweet, salty or fatty food. Skipping meals to save time is not a favor you do to yourself. Eating too late in the evening keep you from a good sleep, avoid eating 3 hours before sleeping.

Nowadays our daily food intake is also very poor in terms of vitamins. Humans are not able to synthesize their own vitamin C, as a result, you must get it from what you eat. Taking pure vitamin C every morning helped me a lot to avoid fatigue, I usually take 2 grams during the day. It is also known for potentially preventing cancer.

For people who tend to be stressed, Magnesium can be a great remedy against stress too.

fitness body5) Physical exercise

Practicing a regular physical exercise is a must to keep fit and release stress. Here are my favorite tips to enjoy even more a physical activity.

Running: I love to use Nike+ on my iPhone while running, lots of cool features. Music can change depending on your heart beats and the voice feedback is a great way to get you motivated. It is definitely an awesome app.

Workouts: Recently, a friend introduced me to the 5×5 workouts. Since I just started it, I cannot provide feedback on it yet, but it seems really promising.

Six-pack : If you want to build a six-pack but are a busy person, you can follow these videos. They only require you to take 8 minutes 3 times a week. I have been doing it for a year and the result is awesome.

6) Relax: Find a place that re-energizes you, cut the phone and emails for two hours and take time to reflect on what you do, what you achieved and your next goals. Asking yourself fundamental questions is great too “Am I happy now? If not, what should I change? What does it take me to apply these changes?” You get the idea.

Find a place that makes you feel relaxed. Be it a golf court, a hotel lounge, a museum or garden. Mine is the Park Hyatt hotel lounge in Paris or Tokyo where I love to enjoy a Park Hyatt tea. Every time I am there, no matter how down I am, my thoughts always become positive again. It is really magical.

So find the place that works for you, cut your phone for a while and take to think and reflect without any distraction. It will really pay off for your health, body and mind. As the old saying goes “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body).


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